Destiny StrongER - Desto Day in the Park

Desto Day in the Park

August 7, 2021 will be a Day to go down in history for our Girl. Dustin’s hometown of MaconMissouri, came together to honor Destiny in such an impactful way.

The town rehabbed Ruby Street Park in Macon, with new basketball courts, bleachers, and a special swing in Destiny’s honor. The Big reveal was the beautiful bench dedication in honor of Destiny’s life. The day was filled with so much fun and laughter. Kids got to enjoy face painting, tik tok dancing, popcorn, and snow cones. The City of Macon officially declared August 7, 2021 as ”Desto Day in the Park.” It gives mine and Destiny’s dad so much joy to know that every year we can honor our girl in Dustin’s hometown. And the bench will be a permanent fixture and memory of how beautiful our girl’s life was. The event ended with a balloon release in honor of Destiny.

The community came together beautifully with a perfect way to celebrate such beauty and significance of the life that our angel, Destiny led.


Love Destiny’s momma

Destiney StrongER

Destiny StrongER

Destiny StrongER’s vision is that no family battling childhood cancer fights alone. And we continue the fight until a cure is found.

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