Destiny’s Elementary School

Celebration at Destiny’s Elementary School

On August 28, 2021, the 5th class and all of Destiny’s friends, teachers and staff came together to honor the life of Destiny.

It was a very emotional day with lots of tears, support, and hugs, as we all shared in our memories of her. Destiny’s closest friends presented a beautifully painted Friendship Bench in her honor. Destiny’s sweet friend Piper explained how the friendship bench worked. Anyone who is having a tough day, can go and sit on the bench. A friend who sees them sitting on the bench can come sit with them and encourage them to make their day better.

We could all use a friendship bench in our lives, couldn’t we? Dustin and I are so proud to have this beautiful bench displayed at Destiny’s elementary school for years to come.

Balloons were released in honor of Destiny after the bench dedication.

Love Destiny’s momma
Destiny’s Elementary School
Destiny’s Elementary School
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