Pelham Homecoming

We were extremely busy attending Pelham football games honoring Destiny and bringing awareness to childhood cancer in the month of September. Dustin was asked to escort one of Destiny’s 5th grade cheer friends, Sophia, on homecoming whose dad passed away in 2019. With Dustin not being able to walk Destiny and Sophia not being able to walk with her dad, it was such a special moment to see the two of them walk to together in honor of Destiny and Christopher. The very interesting thing is that our opposing team was Chelsea, Ace’s team and Destiny’s boyfriend. We lost to Chelsea, and we do not like losing around here., but who could be upset about Destiny’s boyfriend winning. I know Destiny was smiling ear to ear from heaven.

6th Grade Homecoming

Dustin attended the 6th grade team homecoming and was asked to walk Destiny’s best friend Kayleigh in honor of Destiny. This warmed our hearts so much.

September 17, 2021 Friends & Family

Friends and Family gathered on September 17, 2021 for the honoring of Destiny at the Pelham high school game. We knew our girl was there and she wanted to make 7:07 on that night special. At exactly 7:07pm on the first play, Pelham made a touchdown. We couldn’t believe it! 7:07 September 17, 2020 was Destiny’s transition date.

Macon Cheerleaders Honoring Destiny!

Macon Cheerleaders of Dustin’s hometown honored Destiny with green ribbons representing liver cancer. Go Tigers!

Destiney StrongER

Destiny StrongER

Destiny StrongER’s vision is that no family battling childhood cancer fights alone. And we continue the fight until a cure is found.

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